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History & Curiosity

The construction of the "Palazzetto Serragli" in which the Hotel Botticelli is located dates back to the second half of the 16th Century as can be seen from ancient plans of Florence from various historical periods.

The building, which is recognized by the Supervision of Architectural Heritage since 1935, has several major elements: the ribbed vaults on the ground floor, the internal "kneeling" window with shelves made of stone and iron grating and the characteristic loggia on the second floor.
The vaults of the entrance are painted (probably at a later period) with floral and cherub motifs.

On the front facade stands a coat of arms belonging to the Serragli family. The Palace Hotel opened in 1890 when the owner at the time asked the City of Florence for a license to open an inn with a stable. Little more than a century later (we are now in 1995-1997), the hotel underwent a complete restoration under the constant supervision of the Superintendence of Architectural Heritage, which made it a hotel with an excellent standard of comfort. An interesting curiosity is given by an inner space overlooked by the beautiful "kneeling" window, which was mentioned in the architectural notes and which previously opened to the outside.

In this space during the last restoration a "road" was re-created in the old Florence style that we thought about calling Via Alessandro Filipepi (real name of the great Botticelli) because of a road plaque in the "old Florence" style that has been a subject of curiosity and comments from our guests.